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About Exercise, Diets, commitment, values and Michelle Obama.

The very first time that I fall in love immediately was with running.  My ex-introduces me to “Him” and was a NO return love affair that has last more than two decades.

I have never been obese, but as all woman has struggled with baby weight, long after my son was born.

Now in my 40, my metabolism is not the same, and I notice immediately when a specific food it’s not working for me.

But I have been following a healthy lifestyle my entire life. Don’t get me wrong, as a teen; I start smoking to be with the “cool kids” and quit almost immediately because for me was disgusting.

I have never struggled, feel guilty, lose control. I love healthy well prepare food. Don’t like Coke or Sweets and Since I discover running, my life change. And NO this is not a speech about how beautiful running is, or how EASY is for me.

It’s about finding your passion,  your values and how to apply them to a healthier YOU.

Recently I had the opportunity to have a fantastic set (yet difficult type of crying all the time) Coaching sessions with one of the Master facilitators for Dr. Demartini (The Secret) after I fall in love with his writing and read some of his books. The one that was a wake-up call for me was The Value Factor.

And it explains a simple truth.

We always follow our true values; your values determine your life actions.

And OUR VALUES; the REAL ONES, are not the “abstract” word that we use: LOVE, PEACE, PASSION, HONESTY, INTEGRITY.

Our true values, the ones that are true to our heart emerge in our daily actions.

But most of the time we DON’T want to pay attention to them, minimize them, or feel guilty about them and instead we follow a social idealism code or morality instead of being true to our real self’s.

And I put myself as an example first, because, and this was apparently not a significant discovery, which one of my TOP values is Health and the other Knowledge. My daily actions prove that, because I exercise, eat healthy food and I have been practicing almost every day.

Always go to the doctor, make my yearly physical exams, etc. and it’s the same with Knowledge, nearly every year I took a class, seminar, spend a great deal of time and money in books.


So, if your principal value it’s NOT a healthy living, or Exercise, YOU WILL have problems being motivated to do it, and it’s entirely normal.

First, you need to discover what it’s that TRULY moves YOU, motivate YOU and then the task; it’s linking that VALUE to concrete actions to help you have a healthier approach base on YOUR VALUES.

Second, forget all the preconceptions about how much, how often, what sport you SHOULD BE DOING exercise, or how you must look or weight or eat.

For example, if one of your values is FAMILY, walk with your kids, spend time with them “Moving” and quit the gym where you are “alone.” If one of your values is WORK and RECOGNITION, organize a workout gym time with your boss, co-workers, directors, etc. where you can discuss business and do exercise.

It’s very important to understand that our values change over time (Yes, most teen value FUN playing video games, and IT IS NORMAL)

In our Teen years, social acceptance IS OFTEN what they value the most, in our 30, Married, Family and WORK. Economic security and so on.

This was clear to me while I was working on this value exercise, and then discover that when my son was born, my values change from day to night.

And I don’t know where I had this concept that our values never change, right? If I value Honesty, I will be honest my entire life, correct? But again, that is an abstract concept and an adopted code of morality about HOW we must be

My health and Fitness pass at a lower place on my list of values after my baby was born, and for the first two years, I entirely dedicated to HIM.  I didn’t exercise, I did eat healthily, but all my energy was to be a MOM; not even a wife.  My principal value was being a MOM. Then things evolve, and I resume my love for health and running, but it was a 2-year impasse.

18 year later, I found out that “Being a Taking care all the time MOM” doesn’t longer serves me, because I have now an adult that needs INDEPENDENCE, and my interaction and priorities and values must change to let him GROWTH.

Have you heard about the “Empty nest syndrome” Yep, our values are changing.

Our real values, the ones that make us happy, thrive, the TRUE ONES, are like our fingerprints, the activities that we are drowning to, the internal compass that propel us to the people, things, and events that fulfilled the US.

Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Sports, Movies, Golf, Music, Photography, Writing, Reading, Studying.

We tent to minimize our likes and hobbies but is typically what we are at our best. And we always believe that we cannot make a living, enjoy them most of the time, etc. and YET….

We Remember everything about them, we are the most happier, organize, present, focused, the knowledge that we must retain. We feel “powerful” in that area. Inspired

Like when our mom complains that our room is a mess, but all our music LPs are in PERFECT ORDER. Or we forget the homework but remember all the statistics for ten years of our favorite team. Yep, that kind of stuff.

We need to DIG DEEP to discover our real values, and then link them with the thing, tasks, that we DON’T LIKE but have to do, like Exercising, Healthy living, Studding, Working, etc.

REMEMBER, we are always drawn to our real values, and we still act upon them, so maybe you think that you hate your job, or that you should be THIS OR THAT, but in reality, you are confusing in adopting values that society impose US.

One of the most eye-opening examples its Michelle Obama.

In an interview, Michelle talked about how Barack joke with her when they coincide with an old love from Michelle, working as a Chef in a famous restaurant while having dinner.

He said: See, if you have married him, now you will be a Chef wife

She responds to him: NO, He would be the President of the United States

This joke talks apparently about the “Power” of Michelle, but really shows her firm value of being a WIFE AND A LOVER. A woman that makes her priority in life to be a total supporter of the man she loves

And I said a Wife because she didn’t stay at home with her kids while Barack was working on his carrier as a politician, she always was at his side and left their kids with her mom.

There you have, a powerful, strong, attractive, intelligent Harvard Graduate woman, that leaves all that to become the constant supporter and companion of her man. And don’t get me wrong, she is much more than a wife, but ONE of her values, its Cleary being a WIFE, and she demonstrated that with her actions.

So next time, you think that being a stay at home mom, a wife, a partner, a writer, a CEO, a Musician, a Belly dancer, a comedian, or whatever crazy thing you would like to be, it’s crazy, don’t.


Follow your TRUE VALUES and link them with health.

If you want to know more about how to do it, comment, share and ask me ilya@training262.com



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