Asics Cumulus 21 Shoe Review


Today we will talk about the ASICS CUMULUS VERSION 21, its main technologies, benefits and user profile. A mid distant lighter trainer perfect for speed training  runs

We consider the CUMULUS 21a NEUTRAL shoe for runners.

It is Design for cushion and support, as we mention  a lighter shoe perfect for your first  seed training runs

It main characteristics

  • OUTSOLE: The durability and traction of the shoe are in the outsole, and an important component of the total weight of the footwear.
    • Here, it has areas of high resistance rubber in the heel and the front of takeoff, flex grooves in metatarsals and a guide along which promotes the continuous and centered movement of the foot.
    • This running shoe its lighter enough for fast runs


  • MIDSOLE: Incorporates CUSHIONING and STABILITY technologies.
    • In the CUMULUS 21 we have applications of Flyte foam propel, which provides energy return, in the part close to the foot.
    • Flyte foam Lyte, which provides absorption of impact and lightness, and sections of the traditional ASICS GEL for more cushioning.
    • It has a drop of 10 mm.
    • Protects without feeling heavy


    • For this version, 21 of the CUMULUS versus version 20 has an improved collar and more memory foam, giving more support and a more comfortable fit.
    • In the upper front, they changed the design, with large “open areas” that favor ventilation and a new reinforcement on the toe and heel.

  • BACK of the shoe has a heel counter that provides a solid structure for .
    • The interiors have good finishes and it makes its insole of “open cell” polyurethane foam for greater breathability.


As we mentioned at the beginning, the CUMULUS 21 is a “neutral” shoe with good cushioning and a good sense of energy return.

  • It is a good training shoe for people of medium structure (65-75kg in men, 52-62kg in women).
  • For those runners with neutral feet, without additional protection needs (without injuries). Recommended for medium to long distances, at paces from 4:30 to 6:00 min/km approx.
  • Good for Tempo runs, fartlek, splits, uphills. It is an ideal combination for a fast half marathon without becoming a personal record.
  • For those who train their long distances in Nimbus or similar footwear (extra-cushioned) could be their competition footwear in the marathon.

A great $120  value for A mid distant lighter trainer perfect for speed training  run You can BUY  it here  GEL CUMULUS 21   

And if you want to read more about Asics shoes for LONG DISTANCE TRAINING CLICK IN  ASICS KAYANO 26

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