Newton Fate 4 – Mexico Edition

Today we will talk about NEWTON FATE, its special MEXICO edition, its main characteristics, benefits and user profile. We want, rather than talk about only the technology to what type of runner it’s better suited


  • It is important to emphasize that the main characteristic of the brand is the minimum drop that use, less than 4.5 mm and up to only 2mm in other versions.

This decreases the tendency to fall with the heel part, reducing the impact on the ankle-knee-hip.

  • If you have a while running with “regular” footwear, you will need to gradually get used to the sensation that Newtons fit and technology, because if you use the  entire time, (too much too soon) it may cause you plantar fasciitis or other problem
  • Because of correcting your stride with their technology, your muscle needs time to adjust and get stronger.
  • The adjusting time depends of each runner particular case, how strong and healthy is, and years of running, so it is advice an adjusting time between 2-6 weeks,

The FATE for NEUTRAL runners.

  • OUTSOLE: The sole is responsible for durability and traction, and in this case, for a remarkable component of Newton technology.

As you can see, in the metatarsal area, we have a “bump” that allows us to have a minimum contact area, which at the same time serves as an impulse platform for the next step.

The flex favors the continuous and centered movement of the foot and helps to have a better running technique.

  • SOLE: Incorporates damping and stability technologies. In the FADE we have NEWTONIUM, a high resilience polyurethane that provides energy return.  Although not visible, it has two damping sections, one notch and another in the metatarsal part;The drop of this shoe is 4.5mm.
  • UPPER: Provides Change, BREATHABILITY AND COMFORT. For this special edition version, they use materials of great breathability and lightness, giving it a cleaner and more dynamic appearance, with large “open areas” that favor ventilation, also has reinforcement in the toe and heel.


This is the first time I see a shoe using 100% the colors of Mexico, incorporating elements that leave no doubt.


As we mentioned at the beginning, the FADE EDITION SPECIAL MEXICO is a “Neutral” shoe with a good energy return, 4.5 mm DROP, light and very comfortable.

  • It is a good training shoe for:

    1. light and medium structure 132-176 pounds for men ,99- 154 pounds for women. It is a shoe that invites you to train with at a faster pace, rhythms 8 minutes per mile, improving the feeling when you increase the speed.
    2. Recommended for medium distances, and even marathons if your pace it’s below 8 min per mile approx.
    3. It is great for those neutral runners, preferably without the need to additional protection (without injuries). It is an ideal combination for a fast half marathon. Widely recommended for speed sessions, it will make you feel you fly!


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