Shoe Laces… A serious deal

Most of the time, we don’t pay attention to our shoelaces, until it’s too late

Too tight and your feet will hurt and get swollen.

To lose you can get hurt, have ankle pain, you may fall down, for sure you know the story

I was very curious when the company Caterpy Laces contact me to try their products.

The laces have elastic bump technology to hold customized tension throughout all eyelets. They feel superelastic and nice, yet firm and great quality.

They were invented in Japan by a marathon runner, and they said will solve all your shoelaces issues. I believe them.

These problems range from an inconsistency of tension in the shoe, Lack of adaptivity for different foot shapes and inconvenience of tying laces.

Often, people think foot pains develop from an improper shoe, when it may be from improper laces.

This is the kind of product that it is not on your priority list, but after I try them, well I change my mind.

There are different ways to style the finishing of the laces. You can leave them hanging out. You can tuck them under laces. You can reverse tie them into your shoe. If there is an excess amount of lace, you can cut them.

Make sure you are comfortable with the tension and cut between the bumps with a good pair of scissors. Leave at least 2-3 bumps out of the last eyelet.

Be aware that Caterpy laces can get tighter than traditional shoelaces.

This is because tension is spread throughout the shoe instead of grouping it all in a knot. Their elasticity helps with that. It’s recommended to start your laces loose and then tighten to your comfort.

**Be warned that if you pull the laces too tight, they will be extremely tight! Remember to always make sure you are happy with your comfort before cutting the laces.

Their laces were designed to keep the same tension you set it at. They are durable enough to last the lifetime of multiple shoes,  are a one size fit all shoelace, cut to size. The elasticity allows the shoelace to fit feet of all sizes from kids to adults.

I try them, and they do make an immediate difference in how you experience your running shoes. It takes little time to get used to them, and you feel your shoes more “tighter.”

Take your time to adjust to the point that you feel comfortable, taking in consideration that for a long run, your feet will be swollen.

So, let it a little “loose,” but I can warranty you that you will love them and would want to buy one in each color.

Check their site

22 Colors available

https://caterpylaces.com/shop/    $9.95 buy two free shipping


They ship out all products the next business day from when the order was placed.

Shipping typically takes 5-7 business days.

They provide free shipping for orders of 2 or more Caterpy Laces. Remember to select the free shipping option at check out. There will be NO REFUNDS made if the order is submitted without the free shipping option selected.


All items can be returned/exchanged within five days of receiving the product. Please be aware that anything you send back needs to be in the same condition in which it was received. Refunds will be made after we receive the original product.

If you may have any questions, you can contact them at support@caterpylaces.com

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