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Abbott World Marathon Majors include the world’s major marathons, those are one of the most prestigious and largest marathons in the world, where most professional athletes want to participate because there are BIG money prices, but also give them the biggest exposure.

  • Tokyo, Boston
  • Virgin Money London
  • BMW Berlin
  • Boston Marathon
  • Bank of America Chicago
  • TCS New York City.

The organizers have joined forces to support the sport, promote elite runners that participate on them and help arouse the interest of recreational runners in these events.

On the elite level, it’s a six-marathon series, the above mentioned plus the Olympic and IAAF World Championship Marathons.

#AbbottWMM awards 1 million dollars to be split into equal shares among the series Men’s and Women’s winners.

The tenth series begins as follows

#AbbottWMM’s winner is selected on a points system awarded according to the runners placing on each marathon, and he/she must run at least two marathons from the series to be considered.

The following table shows how points are awarded according to place.

1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place 5th place
25 points 16 points 9 points 4 points 1 point

You might be thinking, why do you tell me this?

For recreational runners who love to run marathons, running one of these races it’s a dream come true, each one of these cities opens its doors to over thirty thousand runners, plus their companions in a magical weekend, where people from all genders, religions, and nationality celebrate their love for the sport. Only one wins, but everyone can dream.

Not only that, it’s a world-class event that will open our eyes to how different cultures share a common goal. Reaching the finish line and receive the cherished participant medal.

During the last years participating in one of these marathons has become more relevant because you can’t register for the race, you must be selected in a lottery or in Boston’s case you must qualify.

Those are the marathons that I have run on this journey.

Chicago 2006 my coldest race, 2007 fun race, 2008 the hottest race at 92F

Boston 2010, definitely my best year of running fast races so far.

New York 2016, the best marathon EVER

Tokyo 2017, runners high marathon, no pain at all. 

All runners that finish all six marathons receive a MEDAL and a CERTIFICATE because very few people have run all six, to this date only around 650 runners. #wherechampionsrun

Do you want to know more about this incredible marathon?

I was honored to be selected as #AbbottWMM ambassador and will be sharing my experience while training for and racing this wonderful race.

I will be sharing tips to qualify, how to plan your budget and travel arrangements for each city, training plans, route profile, strategies to run each one of them, tips on places to visit and many other things.

The next majors I will be telling you about are Boston, Chicago, New York and Tokyo, which I already ran.

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  • Avatar Rodrigo Campos says:

    Felicidades por ser embajadora. Quisiera preguntarte tengo ya 6 maratones y 4 mayors, pero encuentro dificil entrar a Boston, no tengo los tiempos requeridos pero no quisiera que eso fuera una situación para no poder entrar y correr. Este año corrí Tokio y fue maravilloso, pero quisiera correr Berlín y Boston el próximo año, ,
    El año pasado hice Londres y Washington así que ya tengo la base para hacer dos maratones en un año, y quisiera me orientaras para pver si puedo lograr mi propósito.
    Mil gracias de antemano

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